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The War Factory allows the production of Vehicles. Although both Soviets and Allies can build it, it behaves differently for each. If it has been built while the player has an Allied Construction Yard, the War Factory will only produce Allied Vehicles. If it has been built while the player has a Soviet Construction Yard, it will only produce Soviet Vehicles.

Destroying both an enemy's war factory and Construction Yard (or an enemy's construction yard and Service Depot) means they can no longer produce MCVs and are never able to build structures again.


The war factory is a prerequisite for the following:

"Hybrid" War Factory[]

On the rare case where the player has both types of conyards deployed, the resulting war factory can build both Allied and Soviet Vehicles. A vehicle can always physically exit from any of the war factories. For instance, if a player has "Hybrid" war factory and an "Allied" war factory, the "Allied" war factory can produce Soviet Vehicles as long as the "Hybrid" war factory is not destroyed.

Having both a Soviet and an Allied Conyard can be done by capturing an enemy Construction Yard with an Engineer, hijacking an enemy MCV with a Hijacker or repairing an enemy MCV Husk with a Mechanic.