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The V2 Rocket Launcher (sometimes simply called V2) is a rocket artillery unit of the Soviets.


The V2 shoots a powerful rocket. Compared to the artillery, it does a lot more damage per hit. It also has 100% accuracy. The V2 is more maneuverable and has more hit points than its counterpart.

But its range is shorter, and its rockets have narrower blast radius, making the artillery superior at dealing with blobs or large armies. The reload time is also much longer compared to the artillery.

The V2 has a minimum range in which it can shoot the rocket.


To destroy any defensive structure, 3 hits of a V2 rocket is necessary.

It is effective in destroying blobs which are standing still. To destroy moving blobs, the player should force-fire the ground in front of the direction the blob is moving. This is a micro-intensive tactic.

5 rockets can destroy a Construction Yard. An Iron Curtain can be applied on 5 v2 rockets, which can then infiltrate defenses and destroy the Construction Yard. However, a skillful enemey may react quickly and undeploy and move it.


The V2 Rocket Launcher is particularly vulnerable at close range, and so fast units like mobile flaks or light tanks can easily destroy it. Most other vehicles are also a good counter if they can get close enough.

Soviet players sometimes apply an iron curtain to mobile flaks and attack the V2s with them.

Hinds can easily destroy the V2s. For Yaks it is slightly harder because 2 strafes are required, unless multiple yaks attack simultaneously.


  • The real world V-2 rocket is actually a ballistic missile invented by the Germans.
  • The in-game V2 rocket launcher looks similar to the 9K52 Luna-M, which is actually a short-range artillery rocket system.