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The Tesla Coil is a defense which is very strong against vehicles and Infantry. However, it can be easily overwhelmed if attacked by several rocket soldiers, because it shoots lightning bolts one at a time, and needs to recharge after three bolts. Infantry is always killed instantly by a Tesla coil's bolt.

The Tesla coil requires energy to work and will shut down in low power mode. Since it consumes a lot of energy, attacking an opponent's power plants is effective against disarming the defenses of an enemy who has a lot of tesla coils.

Firing mechanism[]

The tesla coil has a unique firing mechanism. It can shoot 3 bolts before reloading, but it needs to "warm up" for 30 ticks prior to its first shot or when switching targets. Multiple shots at the same target happen very fast at 3 tick intervals, and almost look as if they're one shot.

Unlike other units, the Tesla Coil will reload if it hasn't been fighting for 120 ticks, even if it's not out of bolts yet. Other units only reload if they've finished their entire burst sequence.


The tesla coil is a prerequisite for the following:

Both of those units are only available to Russia.