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Tanya is a unit which can be trained by the Allies. Tanya can kill any infantry soldier almost instantly.


Tanya is capable of wiping out an entire infantry army on her own because of her high rate of fire. However, she cannot attack vehicles, aircraft or naval units, making her vulnerable against non-infantry.

Tanya can instantly destroy buildings by placing explosives on the edge of the buildings. This requires running toward the building and cannot be done remotely.

Every player can only train a single Tanya. When she dies, the player may train another. However, spies can disguise to Tanya.

When Tanya emerges from the barracks, the laughter can be heard by all the players. This means enemies can tell when a player has trained Tanya. Also, when Tanya kills infantry or destroys buildings a global sound is heard.

Like all other infantry, Tanya cannot swim. (Unlike in Red Alert 2 and 3.)

Despite her strength against infantry, Tanya can be easily overwhelmed if multiple infantry units shoot at her at once. If the enemies are approaching from a distance, this is usually not a problem, because Tanya can kill them before they are close enough to be able to shoot back. However, if multiple infantry units are already close, then Tanya may not survive. This can happen if Tanya has just exited a barracks surrounded by many enemies.


Tanya can be placed in a pillbox or a camo pillbox, making it harder to spot her and thus preventing sniping Tanya with Yaks or Hinds. It also gives her extra armored protection. She is also safe from vehicles who try to crush her.

Tanya can be placed in a Chinook or a phase transport to increase her maneuverability. She can also be sneaked into enemy bases in an attempt to destroy structures.

Although the player can only build one Tanya, the player may disguise spies as Tanyas. In infiltration attempts, this may make the enemy attack decoy targets while the real Tanya survives and destroys buildings.


Tanya is weak against any non-infantry units, and is particularly weak against yaks, hinds, artillery, V2s, Tesla tanks, pillboxes, and tesla coils.