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The Spy can disguise as any infantry (enemy, friendly or neutral). This is done by clicking the infantry, as one would normally do to attack. When in disguise, the spy will change appearance and color to match the target. If disguised as an enemy, most other enemies will not auto-attack it. However, the opponent can still manually attack it. The spy can infiltrate buildings at the cost of instantly vanishing. Infiltration does different things, depending on the building.

A spy can be detected and auto-attacked by attack dogs and other spies. Also, enemy vehicles can crush a disguised spy if he crosses their path.

A spy can attack and instantly kill a single enemy, at the cost of losing disguise. This is done by force-attacking.

England can build low cost versions of the spy known as the British Spy. Other than the cost, it is identical to the standard spy.

The AI doesn't attack a disguised spy, except with attack dogs or Aircrafts.

Infiltration Effects[]

Not all buildings are infiltratable. The following are buildings that can be infiltrated and the resulting effect: