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The Shock Trooper is a unique unit of Russia. It fires lightning bolts like the Tesla coil and the Tesla tank.


The shock trooper can kill any infantry unit in a single hit. It is also very strong against vehicles.

Shock troopers have a relatively long attack range compared to other infantry units. It has also a slightly longer sight range.

The shock trooper fires one lightning bolt at a time. The recharge time for the next lightning bolt is relatively long.


The low rate of fire can be compensated by building a large group of shock troopers. Such group can be very powerful and can destroy entire armies. This is sometimes referred to as a "disco dance", due to the large number of lightning bolts being fired.


A large shock trooper blob is best countered with units that it cannot fire back at. Namely, Yaks, Hinds and properly stationed artillery or V2.

A group of phase transports or chrono tanks can also effectively crush shock troopers.