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Scouting is the act of revealing the position of enemy units and buildings.


Any unit can be used for scouting, however, some units are much better suited for the job thanks to their high visibility radius and/or their speed. In addition to that, the Allied GPS and the Soviet Spy Plane can be used to scout from a distance.

Suitable units[]

All Aircraft make excellent scouting units, with insane view radius, excellent speed, all-terrain capacity and untouchability, but before they are accessible from dedicated production structures on tier 2, the following units can be used instead:

  • Ranger - Excellent speed, 8-cell radius, weak armor, costs 500 credits;
  • APC - Good speed, 5-cell radius, good armor, costs 850 credits;
  • Mobile Flak - Decent speed, 6-cell radius, moderate armor, costs 650 credits;
  • Light Tank - Decent speed, 5-cell radius radius, good armor, costs 700 credits;
  • Submarine - Cannot be seen or attacked by ground units and has 8-cell radius, but is slow and waterbound;
  • Spy - Can sometimes infiltrate the bases unnoticed, but is slow and has 5-cell radius.