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The rocket soldier is powerful against Vehicles and Aircraft but very weak against other Infantry.

A small group of rocket soldiers can quickly destroy almost any vehicle if it gets in their firing range, making it one of the most cost-effective anti-tank units in the game.

As with all other infantry, a Yak or a Hind can kill rocket soldiers almost instantly before it even fires back. However, a small group of rocket soldiers (3-4) are extremely effective at taking down aircraft. A rocket soldier's anti-air range is much farther than its sight radius, so it should be paired with units that have good line of sight for optimal anti-air defense.

The Rocket soldier and the AA gun are the only ground-based allied anti-air units. The AA gun is far superior at doing that, but it is not mobile.

If a group of rocket soldiers is too large, it can be susceptible to a Yak suicide attack. A yak can kill a few rocket soldiers before being taken down, and it can then crash-land on the remaining group, killing many more. For a smaller group, this is harder for the opponent to execute, and is not always cost-effective. A yak costs 1350, and 4 rocket soldiers cost 1200.