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The Phase Transport is an unique unit of France - a cloaked ground vehicle which can transport up to 4 infantry units.


The phase transport stays cloaked while moving. It is the only cloaked transportation unit in the game. It is also the only cloaked unit which can crush infantry. It remains cloaked while crushing.

The phase transport can also detect other cloaked units.

Armed with rockets, the phase transport can be effective against lightly armored units or even against ore trucks when in large numbers, although it's difficult to achieve considering the high cost of 1350 credits.

When freshly built, firing or unloading troops, the Phase Transport decloaks, and stays visible for approximately 7 seconds. If damaged to the point where health bar becomes red, the vehicle uncloaks and stays in this state until it receives repairs.

The phase transport is not to be confused with the transport naval unit.


The primary tactic is to roll into enemy backdoor with an infantry loadout. While Tanya is the best in rapid destruction of enemy buildings and rushing critical structures, spies can target refineries to steal enemy credits, radar domes to reset enemy shroud, power plants to disrupt defense and production or enemy production to improve quality of your own newly-produced units. Rocket soldiers can be used to quickly bring down harvesters, chew through structures should Tanya be insufficient or destroy defense groups incorporating vehicles that would try to interfere with actions of other infiltrators.

Should enemy abuse infantry without sensors, swarm of phase transports can crush large blobs in seconds. It is similar to the APC in that regard, but thanks to being cloaked countering is much harder, and as such, the enemy will have to invest in cloak detectors.

A more wacky use is to park the phasie in the resource input tile of the enemies' ore refineries, making the enemies' ore trucks unable to unload the minerals. It may pass unnoticed and be obnoxious to take care of without cloak detectors.

Armament of this french vehicle is relatively weak and should not be relied upon - it cannot put up 1v1 fight with a humble mobile flak, and deals ignorable damage to most vehicles, even more so to infantry and is unable to shoot at aircraft - phase transports are foremost phase, and foremost transports - not dedicated combat units - and their strongest assets are their stealth and the soldiers they carry.


The phase transport can't crush infantry unnoticed if there is a cloak-detecting unit, such as a spy or an attack dog in the blob, and are easily spotted by base defences.

Its armour is of "light" type, meaning that practically all kinds of weapons can reliably damage it - it's big enough to be a fairly easy target for cannons and hollow charge rockets, yet soft enough for grenades, artillery shrapnel and small arms to deal some real damage, but the biggest threats are units with electrical weapons, such as tesla coils, and Russian tanks and shockies.


The phase transport looks similar to the M901 ITV and NM142, tank destroyers based on M113 APC with TOW launchers on top. However, both of those vehicles lack any capacity to carry infantry or outstanding forms of concealment technology.