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The Ore Truck (sometimes called a Harvester) is a non combative unit which collects minerals. It is used by both the Allies and Soviets. Collecting minerals is the main way to obtain money in "OpenRA - Red Alert".

Ore trucks work without player intervention. They collect minerals, and when at full capacity, they travel back to the nearest ore refinery, which converts the minerals to spendable money.

There are four ways to obtain an ore truck:

  • By building a refinery. An ore truck will spawn with it.
  • Regular construction via the war factory.
  • They can be commandeered by Soviet hijackers.
  • They can be destroyed and have their husks taken over by Allied mechanics.

Ore trucks have very high health and can tolerate a lot of damage. They can also self-repair to 50% of its hit points.

Destroying ore trucks is a very effective way to harm an opponent's economy.

An ore truck can hold up to $500 worth of ore. It will unload it at the ore refinery in two $250 loads, however if the player is at maximum money capacity it will stop unloading or only load the amount that is possible to be stored below capacity (the smallest amount being $25). To increase money capacity the player needs to construct more ore refineries or silos.