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OpenRA - Red Alert Is a Free and Open Source recreation of the classical real-time strategy game by Westwood, "Command & Conquer: Red Alert". You can download it here.

There's a vibrant community and an active competitive scene surrounding this recreation. This Wiki aims to document all there is to know about "OpenRA - Red Alert".

This Wiki should not be confused with the official documentation, which is a Wiki about the OpenRA engine itself. The engine recreates many other games such as Tiberian Dawn and Dune 2000. In this Wiki the focus is exclusively on the gameplay of "OpenRA - Red Alert". Use the official documentation for non-gameplay info such as server setup, installation, development, etc. The official documentation also has useful beginner walk-through guides.

This Wiki is solely aimed at "OpenRA - Red Alert". For information about the C&C universe, the original series, or the original storyline, please see the cnc Wiki instead.

This project is in no way official nor officially endorsed. It is fan-made, but we hope it gains traction and becomes the de-facto information hub for OpenRA - Red Alert.


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