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The Atom Bomb is a superweapon. When a Missile Silo created, it has a 9-minute countdown. Once the countdown is complete, the player can choose any spot on the map to bomb. When launched, the countdown is reset and a new bomb can be launched again after another 9 minutes. The atom bomb destroys everything within its blast radius.

Destroying the missile silo resets the timer. Also, when powered down or in low power mode, the timer pauses.

A player can only build a single missile silo, but France can build an additional fake missile silo.

The missile silo is not to be confused with the silo.

Defense Against Atom Bombs[]

When a bomb is launched, an "atom bomb launched" message will be heard. Its landing spot is not indicated. The player has a short time to react. It is a good idea to move units away from likely targets before the bomb lands, such as construction yard, superweapons, and tech centers.

Atom bombs that are already launched cannot be stopped. It is best to take preventive measures, such as destroying the missile silo before the bomb is ready to launch. The only defense against a launched atom bomb is the Iron Curtain, it can be placed on a building or on two adjacent buildings to grant them immunity for a short period of time. However, predicting where the atom bomb will land in advance is not always possible, so the curtain placement is a bet.

The Tech Center and other super weapons are a common atom bomb target. Therefore, it is strategic for soviets to place their iron curtain structure adjacent to the Soviet Tech Center; when a bomb is launched, both structures can be curtained and protected.

Vertical Travel Landing Prediction[]

When the bomb is a few seconds away from landing, it can be visually seen traveling very fast, starting from the top of the map and going down vertically. This means bottom bases have a slightly longer response window.

If bases (or structures) are not built on the same vertical line, a player can tell which structure is being targeted, and can apply the iron curtain more intelligently.