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The Minelayer lays mines. Each mine occupies a single cell. When anyone, including own units, steps on a mine, the mine explodes, causing damage.

A minelayer does not trigger mines and can move over them. This includes enemy or teammate's mines. But if a mine is triggered near them, they take damage from the mine.

Infantry are instantly killed by a mine. 2 mines are enough to kill any in-game vehicle, including the heavily armored Ore Trucks.

The minelayer can lay 5 mines before having to refill. Refilling is done at a Service Depot.

A minelayer can be commanded to automatically mine an entire array using the Force-Fire button. It would then automatically place mines and go back to its depot to refill until the desired area is covered with mines.

Refilling emits sound that be heard globally. This means enemies can tell when a player is laying mines, regardless of visibility.

Allied and Soviet Mines have different artwork. But they are otherwise identical

Detecting and Destroying Mines[]

It is also possible to randomly Force-Fire into a field suspected of having mines. Mines that are force fired at will be destroyed.

Mine layers can detect enemy mines within a certain radius. Those mines become visible and can then be attacked by other units.