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The Hind is the primary attack helicopter of the Allies. It is very strong against infantry and lightly armored vehicles such as V2s and artillery. It is the best allied scouting unit. Like all aircraft, the Hind is not well armored and is weak against anti air units.

The Hind is also vulnerable against Longbows, because the Hind can't shoot at air units.

The hind is sometimes confused with the longbow by new players due to visual similarities, but the two helicopters do not look exactly the same.

Strength relative to other units[]

The Hind is vulnerable to mobile flak attacks. If it attacks a single mobile flak with full health, the Hind can destroy it and retain half its health. However, it is easily destroyed by 2 or more mobile flaks without causing them significant damage.

A Hind can withstand 5 rockets from rocket soldiers. Assuming immediate attacks by both parties at full health: If a Hind attacks 3 rocket soldiers, it will kill them and be damaged by 3 rockets, retaining about 40% of its health. 4 rocket soldiers may or may not be enough kill a Hind. (Sometimes, the last standing rocket soldier will be able to shoot a second rocket.) Usually, all of the 4 rocket soldiers will be lost. 5 rocket soldiers will always kill a Hind, losing at most 2 of the rocket soldiers.

The Hind is more effective at attacking V2s than the Yak, because a V2 with full health requires two Yak shooting engagements, and the Yak must circle around for the second strike. The Hind, being able to remain stationary, can simply shoot it until killed. On the other hand, the Yak can be better at killing artillery thanks to its superior flight speed.


  • Hind is the NATO reporting name of the Mi-24.
  • While the Hind is a Soviet helicopter, it is used by the Allies for balance purposes. In the original game, the Hind and the Yak are similar in uses, and the Allies lack a counterpart for these aircrafts. That's why it is decided to transfer the Hind to the Allies.