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The Hijacker is a unit of the Soviets which can capture enemy vehicles.


In order to capture, the hijacker must enter the enemies vehicle. Once entered, the hijacker vanishes and the vehicle becomes permanently controlled by the capturing player.

When standing still, the hijacker becomes cloaked. It is also particularly fast and has a 95% chance of surviving a crush attempt (other units have a 75% chance). The hijacker has a slightly longer sight range than most infantry.


The hijacker is sometimes used to capture enemy ore trucks, causing economic damage to the opponent.

If the hijacker captures a ranger, APC or phase transport containing infantry, the infantry inside it also switches sides.


The hijacker is a repurposed thief from the original game. In the original game, the thief could steal money from the ore refineries. This ability has been given to the spy in OpenRA - Red Alert. This way, a counterpart to the mechanic could be created.