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The Heavy Tank is the main battle tank of the Soviets. The heavy tank is strong against vehicles, buildings, and base defenses. Compared to the medium tank, the heavy tank has more health and damage, but it is slower, more expensive, and requires more build time. The heavy tank is weak against rocket soldiers.

The main strength of heavy tank is its cost effectiveness in direct takes on enemy vehicles - a platoon of 3 heavies can take on 4 mediums, and survive with one vehicle with more than half of its health remaining, with Soviets spending only 50 credits more for their force.

The heavy tanks can also, what's suprising, counter the monstronous Mammoth Tanks - even two of these behemoths, costing 4 thousand credits, are less than a match for 3 of their lesser, simpler brothers, costing over half thousand less.

Any lesser vehicles meant for scouting, transport, electronic or fire support or simple anti-personel defences stand very little chances against heavies unless purchased in massive numbers exceeding costs of the tanks themselves several times.

However, for such power, the heavy tank trades with lack of versatility - any armed aerial unit can attack it without retaliation, it cannot pursue or escape from lighter Allied machines, and is vulnerable to infantry with anti-tank weapons - the dual 105mm guns deal very low damage to small infantrymen, although when the tanks are massed, they may simply grind the footsoldiers under their treads. Turrets and tesla coils have enough durability and sheer firepower to outmatch even Heavy Tanks. Like in case of most vehicles, rogue Hijackers also pose a threat - without infantry support, tanks might without a warning change owners during a raid on enemy territory.

Heavy Tanks leave husks - any Soviet commander opposing Allied players should keep an eye enemy Mechanics near battle zones, for they can turn the wrecked war machines against their former users. Force-firing on husks with functional tanks will deny this advantage.