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The Gap Generator creates opaque shroud in its radius, as if the map was never scouted before in that area. Nearby enemies can temporarily remove the shroud, but as soon as they leave, it returns.

The Gap Generator is a counter against the GPS; The GPS does not work within the Gap generator's shroud.

When powered down, the shroud disappears.

Reveal Range Decreasement[]

The visibility of some units is reduced when revealing the shroud generated by Gap Generator in comparison to normal shroud or Fog of War. Visibility loss is as follows:

  • Infantry: Unaffected.
  • Aircraft: -2
  • Vessels: Capped at 5
  • Vehicles: Capped at 4 (Mobile Radar Jammer, Tesla Tank capped at 6)
  • Structures: Capped at 4 (Radar Dome, Tech Center capped at 6)
  • Defenses: Capped at 5 (Chronosphere, Iron Curtain, Tesla Coil capped at 6)