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Buildings and defenses consume energy, except for the Power Plant and the Advanced Power Plant, which produce energy.

Some structures can be powered down. When powered down, they do not consume energy, but they also lose some functionality.

If the net energy is below zero, the player enters a Low Power state. In that state, production speed is significantly reduced and some structures lose functionality.

The Radar Dome stops displaying the minimap in the low power state or when manually powered down.


Affected Defenses[]

The following defenses stop attacking in the low power state, or when manually powered down.

Unaffected Defenses[]

The following defenses are not affected by low power and cannot be manually powered down:

Powering down structures[]

Powering down structures increases the net energy and can help exiting the low power state, activating the remaining buildings and speeding back production into normal speed.

Handling Low Power[]

There are 3 ways to exit low power mode:

  • Producing more power plants or advanced power plants.
  • Powering down structures
  • In more extreme cases, selling non powerable down structures also increases the net energy.