Display Settings.

Display Settings is one of the setting categories. It contains settings about display.

Mode Edit

Sets if game is on fullscreen or windowed. For windowed mode, you can also set the resolution.

Enable Frame Limiter Edit

Limits the FPS to selected value.

Player Edit

Default player name and color. These settings can't be changed during a game.

Enable Pixel Doubling Edit

Doubles each pixel ingame, make it look like zoomed-in.

Also Double Cursor Edit

Increases size of cursors too, in addition to pixel doubling. "Enable Pixel Doubling" should be enabled first to enable this.

Player Stance Colors Edit

If enabled, units on the minimap and health bars of units are shown Green for own, Yellow for allies, red for enemies and Light Brown for neutral.

Display Target Lines Edit

Sets whether or not target lines are shown when a command is given to a unit.

Status Bars Edit

Sets when the status bars (health, production, superweapon etc.) are shown. Available settings are:

  • Standard: Bars are only shown when selected.
  • Show On Damage: Health bars are shown when unit has red or yellow health.
  • Always Shown: Bars are always shown.