The Demolition Truck (often shortened to Demo Truck or called a Nuke Truck) is a weakly-armored suicide unit of Ukraine. It contains a nuclear bomb capable of destroying any units and buildings that are nearby, even friendly ones.

The demolition truck can be manually ordered to self-destruct, but it also self destructs when killed by an enemy. If manually destructed, the enemy does not receive any bounty.

Counter Edit

The demolition truck should be destroyed before reaching friendly units, and ideally, when it is near enemy units. Scouting is essential to achieve this. A fast unit such as an aircraft or a light tank can destroy a demo truck before it reaches friendly units or buildings.

Interactions with Superweapons Edit

The demolition truck, unlike other vehicles cannot be iron curtained or chronoshifted. Attempting to iron curtain or chronoshift a demolition truck causes it to self-destruct.

But the demolition truck can be carried with a Transport that is iron curtained with no problem. Allowing safe transportation of it from waters.