Debug Menu.

The Debug Menu is a menu accessable from pause menu, by clicking debug menu icon on UI or using its hotkey which is "Shift + Escape" by default, if debug menu map option is enabled. It contains settings for debugging purposes.

Instant Build Speed Edit

If enabled units and buildings are produced instantly.

Build Everything Edit

If enabled, prerequisite checks are removed, which allows you to build all the units or buildings as long as you have a production facility to build it.

Build Anywhere Edit

If enabled, adjacency and build radious checks are removed, which allows you to place building anywhere. This doesn't let you build them at terrains you normally can't either.

Unlimited Power Edit

If enabled, disabled power checks, so you never go low power. This includes power outage from a spy.

Instant Charge Time Edit

If enabled, support powers and superweapons are charged in 1 second.

Disable Visibility Checks Edit

If enabled; shroud, fog of war and visibility checks are removed. Minimap is enabled, even if you don't have a radar dome. Minimap provided with this option doesn't go away on low power.

Disabling visibility checks allow you to:

  • See "Fake" tag on enemy fake structures.
  • See Eye icon on disguised enemy spies.
  • See the correct name on enemy fake structures.
  • See the target lines for enemy actors.
  • See the range, cloak detection, radar jamming etc. circles on enemy actors.

Give $20000 Edit

Gives $20000 cash on each click.

Clear Shroud Edit

Clears the shroud.

Grow Resources Edit

Makes ore and gem drills produce some ore or gem on each click.

Reset Shroud Edit

Reshrouds the map.

Show Unit Paths Edit

Shows the path unit is gonna take when a command that requires them to move is given.

Show Custom Terrain Edit

Shows terrain type with text on ore, gems and bridges.

Show Actor Tags Edit

Shows their names, number and activity they are doing on selected actors.

Show Combat Geometry Edit

Shows hit shapes, target locations of actors. Shows damage units take, and percentage of that damage to their health on actors that take damage. Shows circles thar illustrate the fallow of warheads.

Show Render Geometry Edit

Shows the size of image files. Shows the cell units are gonna go when a move order is given.

Show Terrain Geomerty Edit

Shows a red grid on the map. Shows a blue square around the cell mouse is hovering over. This is the same thing as enabling grid setting on map editor.