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The Construction Yard (Commonly known as a ConYard) is a structure which allows building other structures. Under normal Map Options, the MCV, which can transform into a Construction Yard, is the only starting unit. Since the MCV and Construction Yard are interelated, this article provides information about both.

A Construction Yard can undeploy and turn back into an MCV. Deployment or undeployment is almost instant. The player can only build structures if at least one Construction Yard is deployed. Deploying multiple Constructiom Yards speeds up the building production queue.

The Construction Yard has an Allied version and a Soviet version. Both look identical, however, the former allows the player to construct Allied structures, and the latter allows the player to construct Soviet structures.

Build Radius[]

The player can only place structures in a 16 cell radius circle around a Construction Yard or 8 cell radius circle around a Forward Command. Additionally, a defense or a building needs to be at most 2 cells far from other normal buildings (defenses don't count), with two exceptions: The limit is 7 cells for walls and 8 cells for Naval Yard/Submarine Pen.