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The Chronosphere is a superweapon of the Allies allowing vehicle and naval units teleportation.


When created, the chronosphere a 2-minute charge time. Once charging is complete, the player can choose up to 5 vehicles or naval units to teleport anywhere on the map. The vehicles do not have to be friendly vehicles. The affected units in the area will instantly teleported to the destination. Teleportation lasts 20 seconds, and once over, the units are teleported back to where they came from. Germany has the Advanced Chronosphere and is capable of teleporting 13 vehicles.

A player can only build a single chronosphere. France is capable of building an additional fake chronosphere.

Vehicles cannot be teleported into the water (as is the case in some original C&C games such as Red Alert 2).

Setting up remote bases[]

MCVs can be teleported. If an MCV deploys into a Construction Yard, it will not teleport back. This is a way to deploy "remote bases". If teleported into enemy territory, such a base should be quickly defended. Typically, players prepare a pillbox and a barracks in advance, once the MCV is teleported and deployed, the players immediately place the aforementioned structures, and then build many infantry units from the newly created barracks.

Teleporting enemy vehicles[]

A defender can temporarily teleport the attacking enemy's units to a distant place where they cannot attack, giving the defender some time to rebuild defenses or regroup units. This is particularly useful against attacking curtained units.

Alternatively, enemy vehicles can be teleported to a spot where they're vulnerable, and can then be killed.

Edge cases[]

The following edge cases cause non-obvious behavior.

Transported units[]

If the chronosphere superweapon is used on a ranger, APC or phase transport with infantry inside it, all the carried infantry will be killed.

The chronosphere superweapon cannot be used on the transport.

Preventing teleportation back (does not work)[]

This trick used to require two chronospheres, so two teammates must have coordinated to achive that. If a teleported vehicle was teleported from location A to B, then again from B to C before its alloted 20 seconds are over, then the first teleportation used to be "forgotten", and the first teleportion timer overridden by the second. Once the new 20 seconds are over, the vehicle used to teleport back from C to B, and not to A. In recent updates it has been fixed, and now the old timer is not overridden by the new timer.