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The Chrono Tank is an unique unit of Germany. It is capable of teleporting to nearby spots (and not to anywhere on the map, unlike a chronosphere). It's armed with hollow charge rockets effective against vehicles and structures, but ineffective against infantry and, unlike in original game, unable to target aircraft.


The unique ability of this panzer is instant teleportation to another location within 12 tiles with 10 seconds cooldown besides conventional movement on tracks. That allows the vehicle to traverse through cliffs, rivers and walls with little effort, and move over defences with minimal damage in order to rush critical enemy structures like construction yards, war factories and nuke silos, or eliminate enemy artillery in the middle of a fight.

Each teleportation must be ordered by the player. The first way to do that is through force-move (default shortcut: hold alt + select location), and the second way to deploy unit (default shortcut: press f key) and then select location. The area where chrono tank can currently teleport to is visible when deployed - it's a large dashed green circle around the vehicle.

If chrono tank is ordered to teleport further than 12 tiles away, it will move on tracks towards the spot, and teleport immediately when it gets within 12 tile-radius from the location.

Chrono tank is heavy enough to crush enemy infantry under its tracks, and teleporting it on them will result in immediate death of every enemy soldier in the target tile.


The chrono tank has sightly better speed than Medium Tank , noticeably better firepower and range, just as much health, and "light" armor type, as opposed to "heavy" that Medium Tank has, resulting in taking decreased damage from dedicated anti-tank weapons, but increased from artillery and anti-personnel weapons. Chrono tank also lacks a turret, making it unable to fire on the move. Its missiles are possible to jam, unlike shells of conventional tanks.

One Chrono Tank can duel a Heavy Tank and win the engagement while being just 200 credits pricier, as well as faster and able to teleport, making it fairly cost-effective in head-on clashes with other tanks with dedicated anti-armour weaponry, as well as vehicles with mere machine guns, like Rangers and APCs.

Unless having significant superiority, it's not recommended to try taking on enemy infantry with Chrono Tanks, for their best weapon against footsoldiers are their treads they can use to grind the enemy underneath.

The most efficient use of Chrono Tanks is lightning warfare against enemy harvesters, long-range fire support and critical base structures, where they can use their teleport ability to get into places inconvenient for the opponent, cause mayhem, and retreat into fog of war in a flash when the enemy defense force arrives.

Alternative option is to use them as fire support units following the main force and using range of their rockets to attack the enemies while being shielded by cheaper and similarly durable Medium Tanks.


​​​Combat aircraft, especially Soviet planes, are good counters to Chrono Tanks, as both chainguns and missiles can deal solid damage to the lightly armored vehicles, while excellent vision and speed allow to pursue the tanks, unhindered by teleporting outside FoV or natural barriers.

While rather restricted to defense in combating these units, anti-tank infantry like Shock Troopers and Rocket Soldiers , as well as gun turrets and tesla coils are capable of bringing these panzers down, as long as they are not severely outnumbered.

Chrono Tanks are also much more vulnerable to certain light units that are usually hard-countered by heavier tanks - two Flak Trucks, for example, are able to defeat a one of these panzers without sustaining any casualties, being 150 credits cheaper, while three Light Tanks can take on two Chrono Tanks with the cost difference being 600 credits in favour of lights, although with heavy casualties.