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The Chinook is a transport helicopter of the Allies. It is the only aircraft with the ability to carry infantry. It can carry 8 units. It is unarmed and cannot shoot.

It is also the only aircraft that can land anywhere. Other aircraft need a helipad or an airfield.

The Chinook has the slightly less visibility than the Hind. Although most players use hinds for scouting, a Chinook can do a similar job and is cheaper. However, this comes at the cost of it not being able to shoot and having slightly less visibility. Also, the Chinook is prone to landing in undesired areas, making the Hind a better scout sometimes.

Landing behavior[]

The Chinook will land when idle, making it vulnerable to ground enemy fire. The Chinook will take off when ordered to move. To prevent the Chinook from landing, order it to move above a place where it cannot land, such as rocks or buildings (for buildings, use the stop command for assistance), It would then hover even if idle.

Base infiltration[]

The Chinook is often used to infiltrate enemy lines and attack vulnerable facilities such as ore refineries, ore trucks, tech centers, and more. Infiltration usually involves transferring Tanya or rocket soldiers.


The CH-47 Chinook.