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A blob is a dense collection of many infantry units attacking and moving together.


Blobs are usually composed of rifle infantry and rocket soldiers, but other compositions are possible. Such a blob has extreme fire power and almost functions as a single "super unit". It is also very cost-effective.

Blobs can be produced very early, and they commonly appear at the Early Game, but they can also be useful until the end of the match. Some players prefer blob-oriented play and rely heavily on blobs. Such players will often produce many Barrackses to maximize unit production speed.


Blobs are vulnerable against crushing, V2s, and yak suicide attacks, and are extremely vulnerable against artillery or Chrono Tank crushing, and Phase Transport crushing.

Weak Blob Compositions[]

A blob with too many rifle men and not enough rocket soldiers is vulnerable against Crushing or aircraft attacks. Alternatively, a blob with not enough rifle men is vulnerable against enemy Rifle Infantry.

An oversized blob may be ineffective, since only the soldiers on the front-line can engage the enemy. Splitting such a blob into multiple blobs is sometimes a better choice. This is particularly relevant in narrow passages.

Common Blob Compositions[]

attack dogs or spies can be embedded within a blob to allow them to detect incming phase transports or chrono tanks. Additionally, tanks can be mixed in to act as a shield, since they can sustain a lot of damage.