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Actors can have 5 types of armor:

  • None: Used only for infantry. Vulnerable to most weapons, especially small arms fire, resistant to anti-armor weapons like shaped charge missiles and AP shells due difficulties targeting so small objects. Only armor type vulnerable to hollow point weapons (sniper and Tanya), aside from ants' custom light and heavy armor.
  • Wood: Standard building armor. Quite resistant to small arms fire, averagely damaged by anti-armor weapons, highly vulnerable to high explosives and burning liquids pouring into every opening.
  • Light: Thin vehicle armor with multiple weakspots. Moderately vulnerable to every type of weapon.
  • Heavy: Thick vehicle armor used by APCs, conventional tanks, Ore Trucks and minelayers. Resistant to most warheads, especially small arms fire, but vulnerable to anti-armor weapons.
  • Concrete: Armor reserved for concrete walls. Very resistant to flamethrowers and small arms fire, moderately damaged by anti-armor weapons, and quickly demolished by high explosives.