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The Allied Tech Center is the Allied version of the tech center.


The Allied tech center is a prerequisite for the following:


When the tech center is constructed, a 8 minute countdown is initiated. When the countdown reaches zero, a satellite is launched from the tech center. After a brief moment, the satellite is in orbit and unlocks the GPS support power. The GPS support power is also unlocked the player's teammates.

Destroying the tech center before the satellite launch cancels the countdown. If the player rebuilds a new tech center, the countdown will start again from 8 minutes.

The tech center "communicates" with the satellite, so if the satellite has already been launched, destroying the tech center will disable the GPS but will not destroy the satellite, and when a new tech center is rebuilt, the GPS will go back online immediately without a countdown. The GPS also needs a radar dome. If the radar dome is powered down or destroyed, the GPS won't work.